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Pride was born and raised on the Island of Utila, in Honduras. As a little boy, he was taught by his father, Lem Ira Bodden, the love for wood.


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Welcome to El Castillo, the first farm to fork Utila restaurant. Located just up the hill from Mango Inn, at El Castillo you will find a fine Utila dining experience complete with four course meals and attentive, personal service. Whether you are relaxing after a day of diving, or celebrating a special occasion, the peaceful atmosphere at El Castillo provides a beautiful setting and delicious meals to make your holiday complete.

Pride Bodden is a second generation Utilan carpenter, woodworker, furniture designer, and custom home builder. Learning at his father’s knee, Pride’s love for woodwork has continued throughout his life. After working with his father, learning carpentry and specializing in Honduras’ beautiful hardwoods, Pride moved to Switzerland with his wife Luzia, where he expanded his knowledge and perfected his skills.

After moving back to Utila, Pride and Luzia began building Sunrise Utila. While Luzia continued her work as a nurse and physical therapist, Pride built the Sunrise Apartment, his workshop and continued with the Sunrise House and their own beautiful custom home.

Throughout Utila there are impressive examples of Pride’s work. He has designed and constructed custom homes and built furniture and cabinets for private homes and businesses.

Pride’s work is well known for its quality and design. When you work with Pride on your project the results are one of a kind, custom made furniture with an artist’s touch.

Creating unique heirloom quality furniture is a passion of Pride’s. The only limit is your imagination – visit their El Castillo restaurant to see his beautiful benches built from the wreck of an antique Garifuna dory. Whether it’s a porch swing, family style dining table, or a new kitchen, Pride’s attention to detail, pride in workmanship, and artist’s eye will result in pieces which will be in your family for generations.

In Utila, Pride built an apartment for his family and a workshop for himself. During the last two years he worked on building a home for his family.

Pride’s specialty is finishing work, building and installation of fine furniture. He is also fully qualified home builder and contractor.

To Contact Pride:

504 3361 4321
504 3361 3491