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For Luzia, born and grown up in Austria, was clear from a child she wanted to become a nurse. This childhood dream came true in 1990 with the diploma as nurse at the University Clinic in Innsbruck (Austria).

After strenuous years of learning she ventured out into the world to try something new. In winter she worked as skiing instructor in the mountains in her home country, in summer months as dive instructor in the fascinating underwater world of Central America.

After 10 intense years of working as a nurse in the hospital of the canton St. Gallen (Switzerland) her batteries were empty and she felt burnt out. To refuel her energy she traveled to Utila, a small island in the heart of the Caribbean in Honduras. There she met her future husband Pride for the first time and spent 2 years living in Utila with him.

After the 2 years in Utila they both went back to Switzerland. Open for new experiences, she learned there are alternatives to the traditional medicine for healing. In harmony with the knowledge she acquired as a nurse in traditional medicine she dedicated many years to learning about healing methods and therapies of aromatic oils and got good results by combining the two methods.

Since 2008 she has livrf with her husband Pride in Utila again and works enthusiastically as a nurse and aroma therapist.

1990 Diploma as nurse in Innsbruck (A)
1999 Diploma as ICU nurse hospital St. Gallen (CH)
2000 Diploma as Dive Instructor Roatan (HN)
2007 Reflexology after Josef Eugster
2007 Touch for Health Basic Course Altstaetten (CH)

Pride was born and raised on the Island of Utila, in Honduras. As a little boy, he was taught by his father Lem Ira Bodden the love for wood. His papa was a professional carpenter specializing in mahogany lumber and he passed his knowledge and passion to his son. In 2000, Pride has met his later wife Luzia and went with her to Switzerland, where he spent 8 years perfecting his skills.

In Switzerland, Pride worked for one year in a highly professional furniture shop and 6 years in a company witch specialized in installing windows.

After 8 years in Switzerland, Pride wanted to come back home to life his live ‘on the rock’ again. He brought with him his wife Luzia.

In Utila, Pride built an apartment for his family and a workshop for himself. During the last two years he worked on building a home for his family.

Pride’s specialty is finishing work, building and installation of fine furniture. He is also fully qualified home builder and contractor.

To contact Pride: 
504 3361 4321
504 2425 3031
504 3361 3491

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